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1)Most commonly known as ecstasy, Methylenedioxy-n-methylamphetamine MDMA is able to produce strong feelings of comfort and connection to others. It most frequently comes in tablet form, although it is occasionally sold in capsules or as powder. It is also used by therapists as an adjunct to psychotherapy.

2)an intense, euphoric experience from meditation, music, dancing, sex or consumption of psychotropic drugs
1) The only time me and my girlfriend ever kiss is when Im on ecstasy.

2)Devin: Last week I got dome at this party and it was pure ecstasy!
by Paresse September 04, 2008
diagonal stripes on hair that look like raccoon tails, usually identified with Scene Kids and Kiki Kannibal.
Laren: like my new hair?
Tabi: oh yeah those coon stripes are so fucking hxc!
by Paresse July 18, 2008
an uncommon way to spell the name Deven, or Devan.
sounds like "De-vin".
Lauren: Did you find Devan's myspace?
Lacey: yeah, but he spells it 'Devyn'
Lauren: what a weirdo
Lacey: I know!!!
by Paresse May 26, 2008

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