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1) An individual, either male or female who has relations with a coon.
2) A degenerate cocksucker. A person of little to no morals who has poor character. The kind of person you either greatly dislike or hate and fantasize to physically and/or mentally destroy until their spirit is totally broken.
1) Look at that filthy little coon fuck.
2) Me: Why did you lie about stashing the last donut.

Bryan: I didn't.
Me: It's in your desk you coon fuck mother fucker. Why would you lie about something like that. Look at me, in the eyes you degenerate cocksucker. I want you to apologize.
Bryan: I'm sorry, I spent all my money on banquet dinners and I didn't have enough gas to go to my parents for freebies.
Me: You coon fuck.
by Mr. Goods April 28, 2010
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