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noun: 1) A person who is so full of himself and thinks of himself as cool, yet really he is a total ass.
2) A petite but (gluteus maximus).

1) The act of being cool, but just a little, and at the same time acting like a little bit like an jack-ass.

This defiinition derives from the Spanish word "culo" which means "ass" and the suffix "ito" which means "little" or "small."
n. 1)That dude is such a coolito for wearing bluetooth devices on both ears!

n. 2) That chick had a really cute coolito!

adj. 1) That was so coolito the way he was cutting farts in that yoga class!!
by El Coolito December 01, 2009
something is cool; you think its awesome
"Hey! I just got a new cell phone."
by Crystaloonie June 28, 2008