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anything that is cool or tyte or whatever you say when you like something.
girl: I'm going to the left bamboozle concert! can you believe it?!?!
guy: coolidge!
by fattimama March 30, 2008
v. To be overcome with immense sexual pleasure against one's will (the one being coolidged must be a male).
At the party Friday night, Mat was so drunk he refused sex, but the bitch coolidged him anyway.
by Derek Miller January 10, 2005
Coolidge is simply a variation of cool
Bob: I've got a new Macintosh
John: Coolidge!
by Joe Anderson August 10, 2006
the act of losing one's cool, flipping out, taking a fit.
Bob went coolidge at his boss when he was passed over for the promotion and the swat team had to be called in.
by Jay June 05, 2003