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Cool_Dude726, a Rs character, seems to have a lot of e-rage in irc, when things don't go his way, he leaves.
(17:34:09) <@Aragorn_1552> woo hoo 6 numbers tog o
(17:34:17) <@Cool_dude726> 6 numbers?
(17:34:22) <@Aragorn_1552> 955k off 99 hp =p
(17:34:28) <@Cool_dude726> i dont get it
(17:34:32) <@Cool_dude726> 6 numbers?
(17:34:52) <@Chiao_Wei> 6 digit number to go
(17:34:53) <@Chiao_Wei> GG
(17:34:55) <@Furto> LOL
(17:35:02) <@Furto> NICE BRAIN COOLDUDE
(17:35:19) <@Cool_dude726> o
(17:35:20) <@Cool_dude726> k
(17:35:26) <@Cool_dude726> fuck u guys seriously
(17:35:28) <@Cool_dude726> fucking fags
(17:35:29) * Cool_dude726 ( has left #****
by roflasdnajs November 21, 2008
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