n. - one who is just way to cool for the people who think they are so cool/hot shit. besides jen or olivia
Gabrielle is a cool cat.
by gabrizzle February 02, 2006
People who think they are being "cool" or "funny" by doing a certain action or saying a certain thing, but it really comes out to look like they are uneducated morons.
Kissy, The Cool Cat.
by Becca April 20, 2005
somebody who thinks they are cool and is really just a loser, or somebody who knows they are a loser and shows it.... so pretty much just a loser.
Homey 1: The guy's a pretty cool cat!
Homey 2: Ya, pretty fuckin cool...
Homey 1: Let's beat him up.
Homey 2: :)
by Blue-J May 17, 2006

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