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an unflavored power...soon to be a drink
Girl we having fried chick, mac n cheese and some of that red koolaid and take i ass tp bed...lmao
by kewl-aid September 13, 2003

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When your sisters friend moves in, and all you have to do is pour her a glass of kool-aid to fuck her.
Hey, am going to get me some cool aid.
by =SHOW= December 06, 2010
your "main squeeze"

your girlfriend / boyfriend
yo have you met my coolaid?
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
A variation of cool. Can be catergorized by flavors of actual Kool-Aid. i.e Cherry Cool-Aid is totally amazingriffic
Me: Holy Godiva Chocolate, that shirts in like cherry cool-aid!
Marlee:Haha thanks :)
by SarahPhysco May 24, 2009
A big dick
i have a big coolaid in my pants
by snatch July 19, 2003