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Cool Devices is a Hentai series released in the early-90´s featuring different artists and directors of the genre.
Each episode displayed distinctive art and directing styles resulting in varying levels of graphic content i.e. no actual images of genitals to penetration shots from WITHIN the vagina(amongst other cavities)as well as having a wide range of sexual acts, fantasies, fetishes etc. depicted.
Known amongst Otakus for its distinctive content and unusually high animation quality on some of its episodes.
"Cool devices IS pretty nasty"- my thoughts half-way through the Hentai
by iswearionlyrenteditonce February 28, 2006
Probably the sickest hentai anime ever. EVER. Incest, rape, and shit you wish you could unsee, unhear, unthink, or augment if you're one sick son of a bitch. A top reason for breaking off relations with Japan. Notorious for its provacative nature amongst otakus. But whatever floats your boat, I guess...
What the fuck? Was that enema porn?


Wow, Cool Devices is _way_ fucked up. Kinky, though.
by Vash March 12, 2005