A game where a chocolate chip cookie is laid in the middle of a circle jerk and everyone ejaculates onto the cookie,if anyone misses the cookie they have to eat the cookie.If noone misses the cookie then the last person to ejaculate has to eat the cookie.
My mom caught us all skipping school one day.She came home from work early and caught us in the basement playing cookies and cream.
by Drew Wolverton September 28, 2003
When a man shits in a girl's mouth. He then cums in the girl's mouth.
Hey mike, you wanna come to my house and make some cookies and cream
by DanBaran May 05, 2009
When you rally a chick in the ass and get chunks of shit on your dick, you get her to suck it, then you blow it in her mouth.
"i fed this bitch cookies and cream last night"
by Mitch69 October 24, 2006
when a girl is giving you head, you cum in her mouth, then pull out and before she can shallow you fucking punch her as hard as you can right in the mouth. It will break all of her teeth giving her cookies (her teeth) and cream (cum) in her mouth.
"I fucking cookied and creamed that bitch last night"
by Kyle March 14, 2005

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