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To experience an undiscribably amazing sensation in your mouth after biting into a fresh, mouthwatering cookie. 
Nick had a cookiegasm after biting into a delicious, homemade chocolate chip cookie. 
28 6
To have an orgasm as a result of eating cookies.
"Oh, I have a cookiegasm whenever I eat your moms sugar cookies"
by The King of No Pants August 17, 2005
29 16
The sound created when biting into a perfectly baked cookie.
(eater bites into cookie)

Eater- oooooh yessssss

bystander- I think they just had a cookie-gasm
by coffeeshopgirl April 10, 2010
1 1
A period where someone has so many cookies, they moan in pleasure.
1.Marilyn ate so many cookies she had a cookiegasm.
by Kaiine Joshua Sims December 05, 2007
9 10
the pure, unadulterated joy attained by eating a cookie (preferably friom scratch) that came straight out of the oven
I had a cookiegasm from those fresh snickerdoodles last night
by grimreeker January 18, 2009
5 9