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A sad, dumbass child (most commonly male) who will commonly be found cutting himself/herself for attention. They are attracted to rich people (preferably those with horses) and are drawn to sad, pathetic bands like a fly to shit. They are one of the two weight extremes and have a small group of around 3-5 friends, none of which are there by choice.

They often watch porn as it's their only chace of ever seeing anyone naked...ever. They'll brag to mates about smoking or doing drugs even though they haven't because they're too much of a pussy. These are the kind of people who fail suicide attempts because it's purely for the attention for which they're normally denied because of their poor social skills and commonly complain that they don't get along with their family because their mum/dad once asked them to do the dishes instead of jacking off.
Cookiefag: Guess who got laid?
Other dude: Uhm not you?

Cookiefag: Guess who's high?
Other dude: Not you?

Cookiefag: Guess who's popuar!?
Other dude: Not you?
by Schnoodlesandrice December 07, 2010
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