the thin layer between cookiedough and cookiepan
when cookiedough gets hard on cookiepan a cookiesheet is used to prevent cookie bites. see cookiedough and cookiepan
by cookiepan, AHAHA November 14, 2005
Top Definition
A piece of cloth used to clean up ejaculate after masturbating. Also known as a cum rag.
Nope! Don't wear that one, don't even pick it up! It's not really a shirt, it's a cookie sheet.
by Omnipawn June 28, 2011
A name for a man so extremely hot and sexy that you could bake cookies on his chest, thus using it like a cookie sheet. By the way, this person would be so hot that the cookies would just melt right off.
1. That guy playing basketball over there without his shirt on, ohhhh he's a cookie sheet.

2. The man with the flub hanging over his pants is totally not a cookie sheet!!!
by Arizona_Bam January 27, 2010
When a man pulls out and ejaculates on the woman's belly then wipes it around as if preparing a cookie sheet for cinnamon rolls or something.
So I was having sex with this girl last night and when I came I gave her a cookie sheet.
by Grimacci June 01, 2013
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