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A city in central Tennessee (30,000+/- pop.), home to Tennessee Tech University (OVC) and their mediocre sports teams, Cookeville Regional Medical Center (where anyone injured worse than a simple sprain or cut has to be airlifted to Vanderbilt), Oreck Vacuums (they suck, but it's a GOOD suck) and a handful of other companies few people have ever heard of. The city government is run by the Good Ol' Boy Network and you'll never get a job with the city unless you're related to someone. County seat of Putnam County, ALSO run by the Good Ol' Boy Network. Cookeville has a Baptist Church-to-Resident ratio approaching 1:1 and anyone you meet on the street who isn't a Tech student from out of town is likely to ask you if you know Jesus. People in Cookeville who like to think they are hip, quaint or funny refer to the city as "Cookietown," "CookeVegas" or "The 'Ville." The outskirts of Cookeville are packed full of double-wides.
1: "I was driving on I-40 last week getting real hungry so I finally gave in and stopped in Cookeville for some Chick-Fil-A."
2: "Oh, bro, I feel sorry for ya."
1: "Yeah, the girl at the counter was cute but as soon as I started chatting her up she got all Jesus & God bullshit on me."
2: "Yeah, that'll happen."
by Art_Garfarkle November 28, 2012
A city in central Tennessee (30,000+/- pop.), home to Tennessee Tech University (OVC) and their sports teams, Cookeville Regional Medical Center, Magic 98.5 radio station, Burgess Falls State Park, and many other businesses and sites. County seat of Putnam County. Sometime referred to as "Cookietown," "CookeVegas" or "The 'Ville."
It is recognized as one of the country's micropolitan areas, smaller cities which nevertheless function as significant economic hubs. Of the twenty micropolitan areas in Tennessee, Cookeville is the largest.
Cookeville is home to one daily newspaper, a monthly business journal, 8 FM radio stations, 3 AM stations, and 2 television stations.
by Miss Brooke February 12, 2013
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