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putting anything or anyone into the highest praise and acknowledgement. furthermore, an expression of approval and commendation
you are the best, you are so coober!

Coober! Coober!
by Cumbersome1 December 03, 2009
The fart noise you make when you blow on someone's stomach.
She just got coobered so good!
by Crabbypattee January 05, 2014
A cute goober, being cute and showing characteristics of a goober or goofball.
Your a Coober : )
by You Got Whatever It Is August 23, 2009
word originated on March 20, 2005 by myself and Cristina.
Deriving from the two words cool and uber. means uberly cool
1) Your hair is coober today.

2) That's some coober lasagna dude.
by kr1s71n4 March 20, 2005
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