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This is a very special most women...and to the guys who are lucky enough to get into a girl's pants. Also, where babies come from. If you have never experienced a coo-rah, visit Hollins, but you might never want to experience one again.
disclaimer: we are not responsible for any health problems after your visit
HSC Guy 1: "Damn, Sweet Briar women have the best Coo-Rah's EVER!"
HSC Guy 2: "Yeah, it's way better than that Hollin's Coo-Rah. Their coo-rah's are stretched out, floppy, stankin, dry, no walls, STD filled (some STD's we don't even know about), lumpy, bumpy, and yes, sometimes crunchy and crusty."
by Hot, best coo-rah ever girls November 08, 2004
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