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A conversational parasite. One who often begins a conversation but makes no effort to carry it. They rely on you to converse while the only contribution they make are filler questions like, "What's new?". An annoying characteristic of a convosite is its apparent disinterest in the conversation that it initiated in the first place. They don't seem to have anything interesting to say.
In an instant messenger chat:

Convosite: "Hey"
You: "Hi there."
Convosite: "What's up?"
You: "I'm just getting dressed, about to head out for a party."
Convosite: "K"

(...time passes)
Convosite: "What's new?"
You: "Nothing since the last time you asked which was 5 minutes ago..."
Convosite: "K"
(...time passes)
Convosite: "So what can you tell me?"
You: "Dude, stop asking convositic questions. Say something interesting or shutup!"
by Kady_Neverwhere May 18, 2009
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