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Someone who must be the center at attention in all conversations and will not let someone get a word in edgewise.
This person can continue with sentence after sentence without breathing.It is truly an endurance feat.
That damn conversation hog wouldn't even let me have a conversation with someone else without interjecting gibberish.Thinking they are so FUCKING PROFOUND.

Did you hear that conversation hog at the companies holiday party ? The idiot didn't know which way to go !
He tried having three conversations at the same time.

The last time we saw that conversation hog he was was battling with the that conceited corporate cunt over there next to the CFO for the CEOs attention.

Did that conversation hog let anyone speak ?
That is no different at the office daily.He MUST know something about everything.
When in reality he doesn't know JACK SHIT.
by JohnJobee October 11, 2011
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