A mysterious chemical that provides a high unlike any other. Conundrum is most commonly ingested in its liquid form, but can also be smoked, snorted, huffed, applied topically, or injected. Usually made with coke and rum and/or drank from an official "Conundrum" bottle.
"I was so high on conundrum last night that I hooked up with some random asian chick...i think"

"This is quite the conundrum"
by Point 5 September 23, 2008
The state occurring when a delight conflicts with a concurrent displeasure.
I am often faced with a conundrum when my second head begins pleasurably licking my genitals, while my first head's tongue senses an immense funk.
by Vanderjacked May 26, 2009
A eord that, if said, will get you no friends.
When Mike said the word conundrum, everyonenkost all respect for him and hated him. Mike is such a loner...
by ihateconrdurmsnotcondoms January 21, 2012
The act of envoking physical damage, most likely with a gun of some sort.
"Yo, we gotta connundrum those fools."
"Fo' real yo."
by Rasputin March 29, 2005

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