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A situation that can be described as a riot or a complete cluster fuck, but in reality, it is under the control, or at least started, by a group of insanely smart individuals (usually anarchists) in an effort to strike fear in a certain group of people (can be race, or people who live in a certain area), or for the sake of looting.
#1 "Dude! Did you hear about the riot downtown?"

#2 "Yeah, but it wasn't a riot, it was Controlled Chaos."
by what-you-gonna-do? November 25, 2010
When shit is going on that appears to be completely and utterly cluster-fucked and without reason but for a few people things are under control.
Example one

The Usual Suspects "Keyser Söze" Controlled Chaos to his advantage.

Example two

Bob: "Holy shit! A plane just hit that building!"

Priest: "Its God's will that 2,973 people died."

Bob: "So its also God's will for you to touch boys?"

Priest: "Its not called the second coming of Jesus for no reason."

Bob: "...where do you buy your pot from?"

Priest: " Praise be unto the lord, he giveth and he taketh away!"
by Kie D. K. January 24, 2010