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A word used to offend people who use the word contarded, because people who use the word contarded obviously do not know that it also offends the person saying the word. Therefore, to point out the user's mistake you use contracontarded to cause confusion, sadness, anger, seizures and at times excessive diarrhea. People who use the word contarded only use it to make people with mental retardation feel even more mentally retarded. So please if you hear a person use the word contarded point out their mistake and call them contracontarded and maybe even cause them to have a seizure.
Kathy: Chris, you do know that what you just said is contarded right?

Chris: You are contracontarded, did you know that ...

Kathy: WHAT? (while having seizure)

Chris: (walks away)
by KATHERINEVARGAS February 22, 2011

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