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Continuum is highly based on spaceships, space, shooting, and skill. It is possibly a favorite to many players, as it is a 2D game. There are over 30 zones to download and play in. Most of which are still in construction, but are still playable in. The most popular of all, and the default zone, is Trench Wars. Trench Wars always has over 300 people in it whether it is night or day. Most of which that are in the zone are bots, that help hosters host events by opening doors, warping everybody, and prizing greens. (Greens are also referred as bounty, the more you get the stronger you are!) There are also mods, and sysops. These guys are people you don't want to mess around with. Mods, and sysops have special abilities and can ban you for an amount of time. This goes for all zones, but some aren't as strict.
Continuum player: Ooooo Apoc you suck as mod.

Apoc: I'm sorry you think that, now I will have to ban you.

Continuum player: NOOOOO IM SORRY!!

Apoc: Okay, but don't do it again.
by Pwnt_You April 02, 2007
newer version of the popular multiplayer asteroid-type game subspace
Dock needs to get off his ass and update continuum
by Crux November 13, 2004
A shit-tastic game filled with doucheclowns.
"0mfg i r 2 l33t 4 u c0z i r v3t N u=n00b gg ezpz -nt-"
by Kitty March 25, 2005

A range or series of Pseudo-sciences and practices so dangerously ignorant that if taken for real science, lives will be lost.

Colloquialism referencing the AIDS denial magazine Continuum.

Continuum was created in December 1992 by Jody Wells (March 12, 1947 – August 26, 1995) in London, United Kingdom. It ceased publication in 2001, after all the editors died from AIDS-

Source: Wikipedia
My reiki grand master gave me malaria to treat my hepatitis. I'm very sick so I know it's working!
My brother thinks I should go to the hospital. He says it's more continuum, alternative medicine.

I stopped talking to him because his negativity was making it hard for me to practice positive visualization.
by NoTimeforInfinity January 12, 2014
A real fucking stupid game that has horrible graphics and repetitive gameplay, and has somehow been able to stay alive for over a decade.

No one that plays continuum would dare admit it to anyone else in real life, but while playing the game, they rant on about how they own everyone else in the zone.
Do a barrel roll! Oh shit, I can't! Continuum sucks!
by qyll October 23, 2006
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