Something no one will really ever truly achieve. No matter how much they hold it in their palms it will eventually slip through the cracks at the slightest feeling of uncertainty. While partial contentment can be sustained for a brief time frame, it is not an enduring sentiment.
John: I feel complete contentment with my life at the moment.

Jennifer: Really? I heard your ex is already dating....

John: I'm going to go jump off a bridge now.
by cold_hard_facts April 19, 2010
Top Definition
Resting in who you are, who you have, and what you have.
To have contentment is to be comfortable with the world.
by I Tried June 20, 2013
The state of mind you reach when you look at your life in all it's imperfection, and say "good enough".

Contentment is true peace of mind and has absolutely nothing to do with any external pleasure or condition, but rather your attitude.

There is no natural limit to desiring things. You will go on desiring more and more your whole life until you consciously decide "good enough".
Guy 1: "I'm feeling contentment right now. I think my life is good enough, despite all its imperfections."

Guy 2: "The enemy of 'great' is 'good enough.'

Guy 1: "Maybe, but 'good enough' is also the best friend of 'happiness' "
by notyouguy November 25, 2010
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