now Istanbul, not constantinople. why did constantinople get the works? that's nobody's business but the Turks!
why they changed it
i can't say
people just liked it better that way!

we love they might be giants.
by asshole January 21, 2004
A very long word.
Person 1 - "Constantinople is a very long word, how do you spell it?"
Person 2 - "C-O-N.."
Person 1 - "Wrong, it's I-T!"
Person 2 then punches Person 1
by Ms Bomber June 20, 2009
The holy city that is thought by Greeks that it will be conquered by Russians and then given back to them back.How poor for them...
They only live with the dream of it and will go on. Which wise mentality can think that it would be theirs if this awesome city were in the hands of greedy Russians?hah..
Every people execpt for some dreamers call it this.It is ISTANBUL and belong to TURKS ;)
not constantinople but Istanbul.
by blckshkttn February 03, 2009
The name for a city which existed 600 years ago, and after being captured by the Ottoman Turks, is now called Istanbul. Despite the Greek beliefs that Istanbul is rightfully theirs, this is not true as the Ottomans rightfully won it, with no cheating etc. It is now by right belonging to Turkey. Greeks should stop dreaming that Russia will capture it back for them.
"Istanbul, not Constantinople" the lyrics of a song by The Four Lads, later covered by They Might be Giants
by Melissa2610 April 18, 2011
old name of old byzantium captial which has been ruled by Turks for 554 years now. It's officially and rightfully named as Istanbul.
Jack: Yo Ali, greeks say constantinople is theirs.

Ali: First, it is not constantinople it is Istanbul. Second, them pussies should have fought harder...
by funkistan November 28, 2007
A made up imaginary place that is dreamt by Greeks every minute of their life. Actually its not imaginary...its just HISTORY! The place was called Constantinople 600 years ago....wasnt that a long enough time for you to get over it?
Joe: Istanbul was called Constantinople over 600 years ago but Greeks still think its their capital.

Jack: I wouldnt blame them for that Middle East looking capital they actually have.

Joe: Whats their actual capital called again?

Jack: Who cares.
by The Macedonian May 17, 2005

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