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a really long name for an amazing guuuurl <3
constantina rocks my soy
by assylaloveanit April 28, 2009
the most beautiful and wonderful greek girl you will ever meet. she has the best personality and is sweet heartwarming girl. she is so gorgeous that all men are attracted to her. has bangingg boddy and is a living and breathing greek goddess. she is overall the most beautiful and amazing girl in the whole enitre universe.
who's that sexaaayy thanng?

OH thats Constantina!
by anonymous7456789 May 23, 2011
1. A type of white wood, often used in shipping containers.

2. A rare brand of expensive mobile phone, white silver red or fluro green, with touch screen and 400 types of games, an inbox space of over 6000 messages, a 21 megapixel camera and high tech speaker and recorder, as well as other fancy features. Price estimated at around $40,000.
1. "Hey the Constantina wood's worked out pretty well, hasn't it?"
"Yeah, really set a nice touch to it."

2. "Jesus, I wish I had a Constantina, they're brilliant those things."

"I bought a Constantina and now I'm broke!"
by L :) July 15, 2008
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