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The largest town in Flintshire. What a shithole.

Whoever decided this was a place for habitation had clearly been snuffing far too much petrol from the Esso. There are two kinds of people from Connah's Quay; Smackheads and Crackheads. Places of interest include the Crickie (If you feel like being raped), Wepre Park (If you feel like being raped) and the Docks (If you feel like being raped).

The local councillor is a pothead and uses public money to feed his addiciton. Crime's on it's arse, because the police are too busy ticking off cyclists for cycling on the pavement and wanting to look like an extra in The Bill instead of doing something useful for a fucking change.

Connah's Quay is world-famous as a breeding ground for potential guests on The Jeremy Kyle show, and currently holds the record for being the most technologically backward place in the world. We're hoping to discover the wheel sometime in the future
A: Have you ever been to Connah's Quay? It's not as bad as people say
B: No thanks, I've heard that being within 5 miles of the place lowers your IQ
#wales #deeside #shithole #scum #vile
by Liquid Fury November 23, 2010
A shit place in North East Wales. Full of chavs. Also known as 'Da Quay'. Nothing to do there, except hang around Wepre Park getting wasted.
OMG, I can't believe you live in Connah's Quay
#connah's #quay #deeside #shit #wales #flintshire
by 23768 May 10, 2009
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