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A down-to-earth person who is very sarcastic towards hyper, happy-go-lucky people. Many people refer Conhor as a way to say "you got a small penis" in Scotland.

Conhor comes from the original "Conor" or "Coner", and he means well, but can't help being a party pooper!
Guy 1: what did Betty say last night then in bed?
Guy 2: she said I had a conhor
Guy 1: ouch.

Hyper girl: Wassup!
Conhor: What do you want?
Hyper girl: Whoo, i'm like so high on wine gums, you can't belive! BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!!!!!
Conhor: *sarcasticly* har de har. I think you need serious help!
Hyper girl
by Idiots-4-tea September 27, 2009
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