the invasion of the chavs & towmies has hit congleton . in every nook & crany a chav now lurks . no scally survived the invasion. to get into congleton you now kneed : 80 carots plus of fake or stoln gold jerery , no dress sence , a adedos tracsuit & a cavle . congleton needs you!!!!!! extermanate the chavs . send in the army . nuke conleton . anythink to destroy the chaves !!!!!!!!!
the snooty fox . chav central.
by mr ksor May 27, 2005
Top Definition
Congleton is a town.
Marley said 'I'm going to Congleton tomorrow :D'.
To which Bob replied 'Congleton is the place of many; poshos, darfists, thicker-than-two-short-plankers, schooligans and randomers'
by Bleack February 01, 2013
Congleton (also known as Mongleton) is a small town with absolutely no signs of human intelligence.

Mostly used by the dead, visiting charity shops and coffee shops, this town offers absolutely nothing of interest. They do however, happen to be the only town in Cheshire to still have a "peacocks" which is why everyone in Congleton looks the same, due to insest and there only being one clothes shop for the small population of brainless dead people.
by Lilmiss_gobby August 21, 2016
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