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Congleton is a town.
Marley said 'I'm going to Congleton tomorrow :D'.
To which Bob replied 'Congleton is the place of many; poshos, darfists, thicker-than-two-short-plankers, schooligans and randomers'
by Bleack February 01, 2013

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the invasion of the chavs & towmies has hit congleton . in every nook & crany a chav now lurks . no scally survived the invasion. to get into congleton you now kneed : 80 carots plus of fake or stoln gold jerery , no dress sence , a adedos tracsuit & a cavle . congleton needs you!!!!!! extermanate the chavs . send in the army . nuke conleton . anythink to destroy the chaves !!!!!!!!!
the snooty fox . chav central.
by mr ksor May 27, 2005