A person who seems to be of neither gender yet very attractive.
Male Confuser's generally have long hair and wear make up and 'confuser clothes'
Female Confusers normally don the short hair and gender neutral clothes

Confusers revell in the fact that they confuse people and love every one who asks them whether they are a girl or a boy. They will however act pissed off for the 'act'
Boy1: Is that a boy or a girl?
Boy2: Dunno maybe it's a confuser
Boy1: Their Hott anway
by corzah1 April 05, 2008
Top Definition
A confuser is someone who you are attracted to despite not usually fancying someone of that gender
Dave: I usually like girls but I do have a bit of a thing for Johnny Depp
Hazel: Oh, he's your confuser. Mine is Drew Barrymore
by badbumblebee March 09, 2010
the term for a computer used by someone who has trouble using them.
"how do you turn the confuser off? do i just pull the plug out of the wall?"
by el_ectra May 10, 2007
a person who confuses words, sometimes will use words that are completely unrelated to the word they mean to use.
The boss has been sadamizing me to get those reports in, you know like putting the presssure on me.
No no, thats not what sadamizing means, you are such a confuser.
by hary the fatness May 14, 2007
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