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1. The substantial accumulation of musterfucks.
2. When there's like a situation where you go, "yeah, that's a little messed up" but then one more thing happens that cockslaps you in the face and makes you go," Oh, shit that situation is so confucted now."
3. (adj) describing a situation in which case you'd rather watch horses fuck. and none of that kinky shit.

fucked up, messed up, shitty, like-bird-shat
so-glorious, victorious,
Will- "People are just so fucked up sometimes"
Grace- "I know, the whole thing is just confucted"

Nick-"Did you see the chick last night?"
Molly-"Yeah, she was really confucted."
Nick- "I totally confucted that shit."
by JustSandymothafuckahs November 02, 2011
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