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The practice of explaining things by talking in circles and using words that no one understands, thereby convincing a group that you understand 100% that you are correct in taking on the project in question. They are usually cat-loving (not with sweet and sour) adults of a larger size who dwell in their parents' basements watching Star Wars movies and online gaming. Because of the lack of human interaction, they are starving for conversation leading to them being a running commentary of web news all day, applying themselves into the fantasy world of social-networking (convincing others of their legendary skills and looks). They are usually allergic to everything as they spend all of their time alone in a basement in their own clutterific world.
Upon leaving his stump on February 2nd, Punxsutawney Phil confubulated that Spring will last another 6 weeks thus giving him ample time to find a new mail-order mate.
by Stretch Feline March 06, 2012
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