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1. Something so awe inspiringly stupid/idiotic/shameful that one cannot even attempt to utter a word.
2. An insult/comeback so powerfully mean one cannot hope to reply in any way other than to stand there, mouth agape, and possibly cry and/or fight the other person.
Example 1: Ionce heard that a man cut off his own penis to please his wife. I was confangled.

Example 2:

Skinny guy: Motherfucker, I swear that I will be That Guy.
Fat dude: Shut up you anorexic, smelly-ass motherfucker.
Skinny Guy: Alright, you fat some of a bitch, you know why your mother died? The same reason you're going to: A clogged fucking heart! You're ugly and fat inside and out, Iand I can't believe that there is a kind and loving God. Why, you may ask? Because no benevolent God of any religion would create something as nasty as you.
Fat guy: ... 8Begins crying and fighting skinny guy*
by The Nobody. January 29, 2009
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