Top Definition
When a man jizzes in girls asshole and blows bubbles in it with a straw.
You should try a coneshato, it's good for you.
by harrison roger September 11, 2003
you fuck a girl in the ass and cum in there, then you take a straw stick it in her anus and blow bubbles in your jizz
bob coneshatoed mary
by dan levin September 11, 2003
when u jizz right into between ur girls ass cheeks, then u whip out a straw and start blowing bubbles in ur jizz
It's a nice day outside, what to go and coneshato on the lawn
by kirschnerdizzle March 02, 2004
fuck girl in poop shute, then slurp jizz and blow bubbles with twisty straw
Nice shoes you have on, want to go home and coneshato.
by Jack Mehoff January 25, 2004
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