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1.) The person working a concession stand that feels the need to ask you why you're ordering an item.
2.) The person working a concession stand that finds it difficult to resist the temptation to ask you what you'd like more than once.
1.) Billy (customer): Hey, Reg! I'd like a chili cheese dog.

Regina (concessionalist): A chili cheese dog? That's odd. Are you sure you don't want a fruit salad?

Billy: No. I just want a chili cheese dog.

Regina: Are you sure?

Billy: You know what? I'll just be back later.
2.) Jessica (customer): I would like a small bag of popcorn, please.

Jason (concessionalist): A bag of popcorn?

Jessica: Yes please.

Jason: What else?

Jessica: That will be all.

Jason: That's it?

Jessica: Yep. That's it.

Jason: Are you sure you don't want something to drink, perhaps?

Jessica: No. Just popcorn.

Jason: And that's all?

Jessica: Yeah.. um, actually, just forget about it. My friend's got some. We'll just share.

Jason: Share?
by Tie It Up In Me May 04, 2009
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