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An archaic spin-off of the system-crash-waiting-to-happen, AOL. Quite possibly worse than AOL... if that even makes sense. Known to scare innocent children across the globe.
"...AOL just sent me an e-mail trying to get me to switch over from CompuServe... I'm scared shitless... ::locks self up in bomb shelter for 15 years::"
by EnixPSIkid451 March 05, 2005
A one great ISP before the time of the standard Internet browser. Then after the AOL acquisition the entire ISP of CompuServe became a piece of junk to make people switch to AOL.
"I should upgrade to CompuServe 2000 so I can get access to all of the Internet! Wait...AOL wants me to switch to them? Random disconnects? WHY AOL MUST YOU DO THIS!!!!!!????"
by Toreris Falern January 24, 2012