A sushi hand roll comprised of seaweed paper, tuna, crab meat, and avocado, but NO RICE! Make sure the sushi chef stuffs it big and fat and rolls it tight like a blunt.

I developed this while I was on the Adkins diet. I called it the Compton Roll to give it some street cred.

Yes dawg, Compton Cali, think N.W.A., Easy E and Ice Cube. That right!
(to sushi chef) Mmmmmm Yes, My bitch will have a California Roll, a Spider Roll, and a Rainbow Roll. You can hit me wit a few Compton Rolls so I can stay lean as well as mean. Start steppin' sushi boy!
by Lewis Ebersole January 28, 2008
Top Definition
When you want people to think you have alot of money, but you don't so you put your biggest bill over (such as a twenty) over your smaller bills (such as ones) , so it looks thick. A reverse compton roll would be hiding your biggest bill, with smaller bills. So people think you're broke and don't hit you up for money.
I got a date because I showed my compton roll, she thinks I have alot of money.
by msdictionary23 May 30, 2009
Rolling down the sides of the brown bag around a 40oz as the amount of liquor goes down in the bottle.
compton roll that shit
by staygoldy August 15, 2007
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