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To have tasted and fucked an adequate (but hopefully impressive) amount of clunge.

Must not be confused with simply 'clunged' which is to only have had sex once.
Man 1: Dude, are you still a virgin?

Man 2: Nah mate, I shagged Vicky last night.

Man 1: Ahhh man, you've clunged! I'm cooler than you though, I've had three clunges already.

*60 years later*

Man 1: (old man voice) Alright Horace, how you doing man?

Man 2: (old man voice) FUCK YOU JIM, I've shagged 76 women! I am Completely Clunged!

Man 1: (old man voice) Ah, I've had 77.

Man 2: (old man voice) (angry) Shit... (shouts) NURSE! Come in here a moment! I need some....assistance!
by manyperson August 10, 2009

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