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A person is said to be a "complete moron" when he/she has been in several situations that one may describe as being very stupid, dangerous or idiotic. They may also be a tad stupid and have "eejit-like" qualities. This person's reputation is past redemption and he/she shall never be known by anything other than as a "complete moron".
1) Getting onto a bus after a night out that is going to a completely different county.

2) Getting up and going to a house party with complete strangers after been put to bed because you were much too drunk to handle life.
3) Getting a concussion from falling and hitting your head off the floor after drinking a liter of vodka and a liter of cider when you know that you get drunk off a naggan.

4) When you refer to your alter ego as being a male, psychopathic, serial killer.

5) When you are working in a hospital full of mentally ill patients and you're the craziest of them all.

Al the above situations are the actions of a "Complete Moron"
by 1.... April 12, 2013

A product of North Greenville College.
OH yeah that's right you went to Butt Crack U.
by The Entire World April 26, 2005
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