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Company Fat is a term used to describe personnel and/or policies that are unnecessary for a company to operate. Most of the time, the company fat causes a decrease in operating effectiveness and efficiency. Much like body fat, too much Company Fat can cause the arteries of a company to clog, ultimately hitting its bottom line (the heart).

Michael: Good. (starts to walk away, then turns around) Oh, yeah, also, about budget stuff. Um, I going to need you to find, like a, a full employee salary, plus benefits, like fifty grand. I'm going to need you to find 50 grand in the numbers.
Angela: But we don't keep two sets of books.
Michael: Well, that's not what I'm saying. Just, you know, find it. Pretend that your jobs depend on it.
(Michael walks away)


Angela: Well, I looked through all the budgets. And there is one department...
Oscar: Yes?
Angela: ...that has three people...
Oscar: Yeah?
Angela: ...doing the work, that could be done by two.
Oscar: This is great.
(Angela slowly shakes her head)
(Oscar looks around)
Oscar: Oh.
Kevin: (knowingly) Yeah. (with emphasis) Oh.

*There is Company Fat in the accounting department at the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch.
by tcufrog08 June 24, 2008
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