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A tag that is related to the real life super hero community and movement, but is loosely associated with it due to the drama and misuse of authority. A community merc is a person who takes action to better himself while helping others. They choose to trust within themselves, have few trusted friends, be self-independent, and prefers not to hold any faith, family, money, society, or popular culture over his mission. Unlike what a real mercenary holds near and dear: Money. He highly values honor, merit, integrity, intelligence, and self-righteousness. They not afraid to take risks, become hypocritical to its own self. Usually has nothing to lose with no particular alliance with person or country. In case of SHTF they also have many back up plans for bug out locations only known to them. Also prefers to associate themselves with words like RLSH, RLSV, tactical, survivalist, community, radical, renegade, and revolution. The only known Community Merc are under the organization name The Paradox Core.



See survivalist

See tactical

See radical.

See renegade.

See revolution.
Knightfox: "Don't get me wrong here, I'll go out there and fight for my "dear little nation", but be rest assured that I would rather be a RLCM than a patriot. At least this one helps his community out better than the other."

"Looks like another RLSH join The Paradox Core maybe they will become a Community Merc."

Negative Example: "Look at the gun toting RLSH member must be a Community merc."

"I don't know what side the Community Mercs are on RLSV or RLSH. They seem to be neutral."
by Community Mercenary August 10, 2014
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