"CommunitasLavatrina" meaning "Puplic Bathroom" or "The Community Bathroom"
A fetish for Puplic Bathrooms.
People who are CommunitasLavatrinaPhilliacs are often caught masturbaiting in public bathrooms, thereby arrested.
But, in Amsterdam they actually made a Public bathroom where it is LEGAL to have sex and or Masturbait.
Most CommunitasLavatrinaPhilliacs enjoy it if strangers who are there to go to the toilet. Are watching while they're peeing or Pooing.
"I am a CommunitasLavatrinaPhilliac"
"Whenever i enter a Public Bathroom i get an erection"
"I don't enjoy sexual entercorse as much if it's not in a (Punlic Bathroom)"
by Hattemann February 09, 2011

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