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The fear of leaving Facebook comments for several reasons

-You have the totally shitty iPhone, that has the Facebook app which regularly posts comments under different pictures

-You know someone with 3,000 friends, and if you leave a comment, you will be alerted all damn day of other peoples "Likes" and "Comments"

-You have location services enabled, you told your girlfriend you were at work, and you don't want her to see you are in a different county
"Dude, why did you say 'I'd like to tear into that' on my Mothers picture?"

"Because you posted a picture of a filet mignon, i made that comment under it, and my shitty iPhone app assigned it to a different picture. That's why i have Commentmaphobia"


"Wow, you are a popular guy. Your phone has been buzzing all night"

"No, i made a comment on a super popular girls picture and my phone has been blowing up all day with alerts from people i don't know. It's enough to give me Commentmaphobia"
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by BLAKERNCONN November 28, 2011
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