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In the art of bboying, it is when two or more members of the same crew consecutively dance, thus skipping the opponent's turn in an effort to command the dance floor. Also considered when a routine leads to a bboy's round, with that bboy being a member of the same crew that performed that routine.
David: Alright I'm about to go after this noob finishes his round... here I go--oh NO! They just commandoed me!! I gotta wait!
by DS2 June 13, 2008
1. Going without underwear.

2. The best game ever, in which a group of approximately ten or more players divide into two teams, runners, and chasers. The runners, who are on foot, attempt to get from the starting point to the ending point (or a series of checkpoints) without being caught by the chasers, who are in cars. When a runner is tagged, he or she becomes a chaser him or herself, and must ride in the car from which he or she was tagged. The game is played almost exclusively at night, and because trespassing is often involved, residents sometimes think players are attempting to rob them, and police also occasionally cause trouble. Also known as fugitive or slip.
1. Stop running around with no underwear on!

2. Person 1: Did you play Commando last night?
Person 2: Yeah, it was sweet, but then some guy thought I was trying to rob him and came outside with a shotgun.
Person 1: Wack.
by ebolamunkee December 28, 2007
Start off at already designated Point A. Depending on number of people playing a certain number of people in cars while the others walk to an already designated Point B. Object for those driving is to pick up as many people walking as possible. Object for those walking to get to Point B first without getting picked up by those in cars. first person to Point B first wins.
-Commando a fun game to play
-"Dude, that guy totally cheated at Commando!"
-"He took the bus all the way to Point B!"
by camillionaire November 03, 2007
Free-balling!! or not wearing undergarments
When going on a date that you know you're going to get some, it is best to go COMMANDO to save yourself the trouble of taking off your interior clothing
by Memo August 09, 2004
Going without underware. Often, as a sign of having detention students go commando.
The girl went commando because of their detention.
by detention311 January 29, 2011
1: To go without underwear

2: to have sexual intercourse without the use of a condom
Mary decided for our 1 year anniversary that tonight we would have sex commando style..
by anime-Trivium February 13, 2010
To go without wearing underwear. As a long-standing tradition, some theater Benetians will go without underwear on closing night of a performance, going "commando".
"Are you going commando?"
"In this rented costume? No way!"
by Redwing April 15, 2006