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When a group of developers ignore the complaints of a class in an mmo until the players of said class reroll, quit or just become too tired to complain. Thus solving the root cause of said complaints. This is followed up by the developers patting each other's backs and congratulating each other on a job well done.
1. Bioware is really putting powertechs through the commando/mercenary treatment. Each patch powertech's think their class can not get worse, when it does.

2. If the RNG gods align, we can be one shot by a Boss mechanic, and there is nothing we can do. Us assassin tanks are getting the Commando/Mercenary treatment.

3. Because of Bioware's consistent use of the commando/mercenary treatment one will find a lack of commandos and mercenaries queing for the 4 v 4 ranked arenas.
by Mathrim Cauthon August 23, 2013

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