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The single most persuasive phrase in the English language.
Michael: I'm not sure I want to do this.
Gob: Come on!
by CJBC December 01, 2006
1) Another way to say "hurry up".
2) An expression of disbelief, similar to "what's up with that?".
3) To ejaculate on an object or person.
George: "Come on, we're gonna be late!"
Shirley: "Hold on, I've gotta find a new dress to wear. My old one got come on."
George: "Come on! You're such a dumb slut!"
by Nick D May 14, 2004
A phrase that can be used to instantaneously pacify any situation, as depicted on a South Park episode.
After it became known that the phrase was used to rectify the long-standing altercation between the Bloods and the Crips, people told the Israelis and Palestinians to just "come on", and they all finally came to their senses. A few months later, the guys working for a New World Order were told to come on, and they instantly lost interest in their plans for world domination. Later everyone got together and smoked a bowl.
by Spaceman Spliff June 04, 2007
The un-intentional catch phrase of Zack Scott on YouTube, usually iterated in times of frustration.
Oh Come On! Mac!
by mr.cmoes August 04, 2011
when the phrase "come on" becomes so played out, one must say "comeo n". (pronounced kinda like rodeo, than the letter "n")
Hey, lets all go to the football game.

Nah, lets play some Mario Kart 64 or Double Dash, I mean comeo n.
by El_Scorcho September 20, 2003
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