What you're looking for is "CUM."
When you spell "come" it is meant to summon someone or something. "Cum" is the word or reference for reaching orgasm.
by Ti Mu January 22, 2006
People that have never read any porn magazine articles in there life and can't spell the word correctly.

The correct spelling is cum.
Come over here now! Are you going to come to the game?
by Christopher_Cool June 12, 2008
Sexually deprived girls usually spell CUM this way.
Don't come in my mouth, come in my house and cum in my mouth.
by Celo C November 24, 2006
the IMPROPER and WRONG way to spell CUM.
there is no such word as come...it doesn't exist. only CUM.

get it right..
Instead of, "yeah im gonna come over right now," its "yeah im gonna CUM over right now" and always always always remember when someone says thank you, you say "WELCUM"
by JiizzyJake November 19, 2010
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