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A deep relationship between a boy and a girl that is strictly friends only. Almost like a couple, without the sexual or emotional attachment. The boy-girl equivalent to a Bromance or Hoemance. A Co-ed Romance.
"Nick and Megan are always together, are they a couple?"

"No, they are like best friends. Definitely a Comance!
by janexbang February 25, 2009
146 30
An intimate relationship between 2 couples. Including platonic and physical components; usually including traveling together, and relating as platonic friends in "real world" settings, as well as relating sexually in behind-the-scenes settings. Characterized by a strong emotional connection between the couples, that may continue over a long period of time (ie. a collective affair)
"They met at one of those Swinger's resorts, but then they visited each other's homes, and started going on vacations together, and now it's like they're going steady or something. I'm pretty sure they are in a serious comance."
by mjmu812 December 21, 2011
2 1
When somebody is in love with a couple.
Other forms comancing-verb, comanced-adv., comancing- adj.
That was one crazy comance!
by RabioticChimp July 10, 2008
6 7