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A Canadian emcee who is talented in a multitude of arts especially pimpin' or being a mack. Specializing in attracting women with his charm, personality and his hazel eyes that are always changing color from blue to green with tints of brown and yellow - just like his eye color is spontaneous and random in nature.

Good with words and people even animals seem to understand him, a Comah maybe a young Chuck Norris but more agile in character in regards to being artsy
Girl 1: Who is that sexy man with that swag over there, its almost like he's radiating sexual tension even though he's rollin' solo

Girl 2: Oh, that's a Comah, you know: pimpin' since pimpin' was pimpin', mackin' since mackin' was mackin'.

Girl 3: Back off Bitches, I need my fix of TLC! (Tender Loving Comah)

Guy 1: Man, I got some skills with the ladies, plus I can spit some freestyles like it was no ones business!

Guy 2: Dawg, you ain't no Comah!
by Juicy Nikki November 23, 2011
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