TO shoot something.
I totally columbine'd your ass!
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
What angsty teens pull when they're rejected by even the NAZI club.
Man Fuck You I'm pulling a Columbine
by fuckerssss May 16, 2007
An admittedly very tragic event that happened THREE YEARS AGO.
It is time for the country to move on and stop letting fear run the lives of its people. If we allow fear to control what we do or how we act, then those two assholes won.
I can't wear a jacket into class when I'm cold because everyone is still hung up about Columbine.
by Silence January 27, 2004
In a nutshell: Two kids got angry around 1998 cause the sky was blue. Started builing bombs. Got some chick to purchase their guns except for the TEC-9 Which was purchased by Eric Harris. Went on a killing spree for about 17 minutes. Were originally gonna kill around 600 people. Man, They diden't even come close.
::Looks at gun:: ::looks at bully:: ::looks at gun again::, Just needed a little motivation.
by iwannabeanalcoholic January 17, 2005
a describing word for some one who looks like the kids who were responsible for columbine.
Dark mascara, black fingernails, face and body piercings, lots of necklaces, social outcasts,
angry and scary, hates everyone, takes part in "cutting", likes pentagrams, and worships satan.
"I'm not going through that line, that kid is looking at me all columbine".
"Every since Bobby started smoking crystal meth, he seems all columbine"
by kmoney 801 July 09, 2006
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