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A cool guy thats fun and atractive
Person one:i wish i was colson

Person two: i wish a colson was my bf
by kkk5656 May 01, 2010
63 14
Noun: A fairly large poop.
Person1: I dropped a fairly large colson in the toilet.

Person2: How big was this colson?

Person1: Let's just put it this way, that colson rendered the toilet permanently useless.
by magic8ball777 February 22, 2010
54 36
1. A horse's ass

2. The act of faganing with another man, by wrapping your legs around his head and ejaculating on his face, while he does the same to you.
Zach: I really love when we Colson each other, it turns me on.

Bill: I know, that's why we do it everynight.

Zach: *cums on billy's face*
by Creaming Eagles November 18, 2011
12 22